Top Tips for a Slimmer Summer

  • Stock up on seasonal soft fruits, such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. These are all packed with antioxidants and make fantastic low calorie snacks.
  • Start the day with one of our delicious summer Forever Lite smoothies such as Tropical Blast, Hawaian Style, Peaches n’ Berries or Forever Colada
  • Pop our Forever Aloe2Go in the freezer – perfect for when you are craving ice lollies in the summer heat. This delicious cocktail combines Aloe Vera Gel with Pomesteen Power, for an extra antioxidant kick.
  • Make the best of the warm weather and lighter evenings. Take a brisk 30 minute walk after work, take the kids down to the park in the evenings, or on an evening bike ride.
  • Walk to work if you can or take a power walk in the sunshine during your lunch break.
  • A work-out on the beach is a great way to burn even more calories, as sand provides extra resistance. Don’t forget to apply Aloe Sunscreen or Aloe Sunscreen Spray (Factor 30)