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Slimming Tips to help you survive the festive season

  • Have a healthy snack or a Forever Lite Ultra Shake before heading out to a party or function. This way you are less likely to fill up on the buffet
  • If you are entertaining, encourage guests to take home left-over food, to prevent you from polishing it off the following day
  • At buffets opt for lean beef, turkey, ham, smoked salmon and fresh prawns. Go for a mixture of colourful salads and vegetables
  • Avoid creamy sauces and rich dressings
  • Avoid pastry items such as sausage rolls, quiche, vol-au-vents, spring rolls and flans
  • Avoid anything that is deep-fried such as sausages, battered prawns and crispy wontons
  • Go for water biscuits, crispbreads or breadsticks when at the cheese boards, rather than French bread and butter which will double the calories
  • Avoid rich cream dips, and go for tomato salsa or humous and use choose vegetable crudités as dippers rather than high-calorie tortilla chips
  • Try to avoid alcohol as much as possible, as this will add empty calories
  • …However, if you really would like a drink, instead of drinking calorie-laden cocktails or egg-nog, why not treat yourself to a warming mulled-wine. Studies have shown that drinking a single glass of red wine can actually have health benefits. Our Aloe Blossom Tea is the perfect spice for mulled wine
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  • Have a glass of water every other drink to prevent you from wanting too much alcohol