Nutritional Maintenance Programme

Congratulations! Now you have achieved your desired weight, the key is to stay there. To maintain your weight, you should aim to eat within 100 calories of your AMR (Active Metabolic Rate).
Your AMR is defined by your BMR plus the calories you need each day to support basic movement and activity. Because your AMR varies on your activity level, it will be higher the more active you are.

First, you should recalculate your BMR, as this will have changed since you first started on the weight loss programme.
Now, simply multiply that number according to your current activity level – this will give you your AMR.
This will give you the number of daily calories you ideally want to consume in order to stay at your current weight.

The easiest way to maintain your weight is to add calories to your meals. For example, if you were following the 1,500-calorie meal in the weight loss programme, and your new AMR is now 2,400* calories, you will require an additional 900 calories per day to stay at the same weight.
*example based on a 2,400-calorie diet for a moderately active female

You will still follow a similar plan as before, however you might consider making the following adjustments to you typical daily menu: see our calorie-counter for other meal & snack ideas.