Before I decided enough was enough! I had tried many weight-loss programmes since my second child was born, nearly six years ago, including expensive personal trainers. However, nothing shifted the weight and kept it off. I had been a constant yo-yo dieter and was fed up. I joined Forever as a Forever Business Owner in October 2010 and decided to give the Clean 9 a try. I stuck with it, moved onto the Nutri-Lean phases and began to use the body toning kit and went on to lose two stone in five weeks.

The first day of the Clean 9 was the hardest part, but as my body began to rid itself of toxins, I felt amazing after two days! I was on a natural high. I felt so full of energy and immediately saw results.

After Now I feel on top of the world. Its great being down to single figures on the scales again. (I haven’t had that for nine years). I have been on a shopping spree and bought my size 8 dresses as I am so thrilled that I have kept the weight off this time.

I now recommend the Nutri-Lean Programme to my friends and family, and love to be able to help others in their weight-loss goals.

— Debbie Nwangwa

Before I may have seemed happy with myself but like a lot of woman I was desperately unhappy with the way I looked.

I had tried one very popular, and costly, weight loss regime in Ireland recently no less than 4 times over the period of 12 months but there were no permanent results.

I had became a Forever Business Owner with Forever and was introduced to the Nutri-Lean Programme after seeing the results with other Forever Business Owners. Hoping this would be the one, I decided to give it a go.

After the tough first two days, I could really feel a difference – especially with my inch-loss (8 inches in total). This had never happened before and I could see a difference in the way I looked in the mirror.

I had studied the Nutri-Lean part of the programme but couldn’t really get my head around it so I purchased another Clean 9 and did it again.
This time the weight dropped off (8 lbs) but what really delighted me was another 8 inches in 9 days, a total of 16 inches. I didn’t recognise myself in the mirror and people were really noticing a difference in me. My hair was shining and my skin was glowing. I felt just great.

After Now I really sat down and looked at the whole programme. I realised I couldn’t continue like this with the cleansing and Detox as my weight-loss would stop so I went onto the Nutri-Lean maintenance programme.

Now I know I didn’t follow the programme exactly with my ‘extra’ Clean 9 in the middle but I do know for certain that the Nutri-Lean Programme works and how!

— Lorraine Kelly


  • By the end of just 5 weeks I went from a good size 16 to a size 10
  • By the end of 10 weeks I has lost a massive 2 stone 4lbs

Before I went on the Clean 9 in mid October 2010 to balance my digestive system as I was overweight, bloated, extremely fatigued and fed up.

I was amazed as after a couple of days I felt energised and hopeful and by the end of the 9 days I had lost 11lbs and 8 ½ inches in total! What a result – I’d got my waist back, YIPPEE!

As a bonus my skin and hair were in excellent condition and my energy levels were soaring and people started commenting on the improvements.

Nothing in the past had ever worked as quickly as this and I felt really motivated to continue on with my shape up so I started the Nutri-Lean Programme.

After Well, the weight and inches continued to drop off. I particularly love the Forever Lean as it allows me a few treats without sabotaging my new figure.

I am and wearing clothes I haven’t had on in years. My husband thinks he has a new and younger wife! I am proud of my achievement and feel so fit and well.

— Sue Cudden


  • By December I had lost nearly two stone (and felt fabulous)
  • I am down to a size 14

Before I am so glad I tried this plan. I was sick of the way I looked, being out of breath and bloated. Now I feel like I’ve been given a whole new lease of life.

The bottom line is this. If you spend years eating and drinking to excess and increasingly avoiding exercise you’ll end up with a ‘blob’ looking back at you in the mirror!

My problem was I just loved eating and drinking, but I had got to a point where that love of eating and drinking was not only making me overweight it was having some seriously bad effects on my health!

Not only did I feel bloated and out of breath all the time, I also had sleep apnea, snored (very loudly), had a recurrent bad back and my heart always seemed to be racing. I know now that I was working steadily towards developing diabetes as well. I struggled to get up in the morning and could fall asleep literally in seconds.

Even when I found at the for all these symptoms, my reason it still didn’t work. I tried just cutting back on the eating and that didn’t work. I tried exercising but it was so uncomfortable with the weight on that I soon stopped.

After I was then introduced to the Nutri-Lean Programme. I tried the Clean 9 and lost 11 lbs in 9 days! I then followed it up with Nutri-Lean. It worked because I followed it religiously for the month. I have since learned that if you do something for at least 28 days it starts to become a habit. Following the whole of the programme broke the destructive cycle I was in with my eating and drinking and allowed me to have more control over my eating behavior.

Are there lapses? Of course, but they don’t last long and are easily rectified. I now adopt the lessons I have learned from the programme, and adapt them to my lifestyle, along with a core of the products.

There have been struggles sometimes. You can’t turn around years of behavior in a couple of weeks but I found at the end of the 35 days I had managed to set down a foundation for continued improvement. I also know that I can, at any time, do the Clean 9 to Cleanse/Detox if needs be.

— Simon Shiels


  • After a 35 days on the programme - loss one stone (plus further one stone following month on maintenance plan 18 ½ stone to 16 ½ stone).
  • Inch–loss 17” in total from waist (4 belt notches!), chest, neck & thighs.
  • Nine months later, I am still maintaining my new weight.

I’ve been digging my grave with my teeth for 15 years. I was at least 40 pounds overweight, with borderline high blood pressure and had early signs of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I’ve tried pretty much every diet there is, from the very well known ones to a total liquid diet under doctor supervision. All worked to a degree, all were really HARD and all yo-yo’ed the fat straight back on as soon as I finished them as I resumed ‘digging’!

For a while I was sceptical about the Nutri-Lean diet and wouldn’t even look at it. I thought it was yet another ‘starvation’ diet! But I became more and more depressed about my weight and failing health. Again I spoke to my doctor. He offered me the same ‘starvation’ diets I had tried and failed at for years! Finally, I looked at Nutri-Lean. I discovered there was some real science behind it. It FED me, not starved me. It CLEANSED my body so it was able to absorb the nutrients better. I liked what I read and decided to give it a serious go.

  • Summer 2010
  • Autumn 2010

I began with the 9-day Clean 9 detox. The first couple of days they said would be tough, and they were. But I figured anyone can do something for two days, especially if they are as unhappy about their weight as I was! The next seven days, where actually pretty easy in comparison and as long as I followed the programme plan, it really wasn’t too bad.

Since then I’ve been on the main Nutri-Lean programme which is incredibly simple and most of the time really easy!

  1. I’m not getting starving hungry like on other diets – I’ve almost never needed any willpower!
  2. My blood pressure has normalised (I get this and my weight-loss checked every two weeks by my doctor).
  3. My IBS symptoms have subsided – I also cut out milk and have my shakes with oat or soya milk for preference.
  4. I’m spending LESS money on junk food and drinks than ever before and the savings I’ve made are more than paying for my Nutri-Lean, so because the money I’m spending is coming out of my old grocery budget, you could say I’m almost getting my Aloe Vera Gel for free.
  5. The weight and inches are dropping away nicely – 14 pounds and 5 inches in the first  month. Modest, but HEALTHY.
  6. 30 pounds lost in total so far.
  7. I have loads more energy.
  8. I look great, I feel great and I have transformed my wardrobe.
  9. Some days, I even eat LESS than the programme recomends I can have! Because I’m NOT hungry.

I’d recommend this program to anyone. No more ‘yo-yo’ dieting. You can’t put a price on good health. I’ve stopped digging my grave with my teeth, nothing tastes as great being ‘slim’!

— Robin Emdon

Over the years I tried to lose weight with various diet plans and slimming clubs, but they were over complicated, too expensive or just plain stupid. I always ended up feeling worse, and nothing seemed to work. My weight went up to 17st 11lbs and I was a size 20. My self-esteem hit rock-bottom and I constantly avoided social events.

  • Before
  • After

My husband and I then came across Forever and decided to give the weight management programme a go. The first 6 months saw me shrink down to 12st 6lbs! The plan was easy and simple to follow, I had no hunger pains and my energy levels soared. Also the only exercise I needed to do was light walking. I am now back down to 10 stone, fitting into size 12 clothes. Forever Nutri-lean has changed my life! I feel like a new woman - more confident, attractive and really proud of the achievement.

— Libby Webber

My name is Muriel Dahan, I am 52 and eight years ago, I finally gave up smoking. This was great but, over the next year, I started piling on the pounds. A year on from that, I suffered a lot of stress at work and again compensated with food.

As a result I found myself in 2009 weighing a massive 98 kilos! I would struggle to go up two flights of stairs and realised my health was really suffering. I started the Clean 9 in October 2009.

Although the first two days look really tough going, I found them really refreshing. Being free from food was good, the products kept hunger at bay and I was feeling full of energy. I found it harder going through days 3 to 9 as it was hard to keep down to a 600 calorie meal a day. However, I was thrilled to find that at the end of the 9 days, I had lost 4 kilos. That was a great achievement. I decided I would continue to be careful with what I ate and to exercise more. However, I made the mistake of not continuing on to the Nutri-Lean stage. So, although I did not put the weight back on, I did not lose any more either.

A few months went by and in April 2010, I realised I was really unhappy with the way my body felt. I hated shopping for clothes and would not look at myself in a mirror. I realised it was time I got back on to our Weight Management programme, and this time, I would not give up until I got to my target weight. So mid April weighing 94 kilos, I embarked onto the Clean 9 again. I followed it closely again, did not feel too hungry and coped well with the reduced food intake reduction thanks to the products I was taking. By the end of the 9 days, I had lost another 4 kilos and this time, I carried on with the Nutri-Lean programme. I followed the instructions, exercised regularly through the week, counted calories and weighed and measured myself regularly. As a result, since mid-April, I have steadily lost weight and have now lost 14 kilos (2 stones!). I have also lost 2 ½ inches round my waist and the same amount round my thighs, which means I have lost 2 dress sizes.

  • Before
  • After

Thanks to Nutri-Lean, I am feeling much healthier than I had for years, and I have achieved this with discipline but without feeling that I was starving myself; and I know that I shall not put the weight back as this is not a yo-yo diet. I have fed my body the nutrients it needs without piling on the calories.